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What is StrongVPN?

StrongVPN is one of the best VPNs in 2018 that comes with global server selection, fast speeds, and unbeatable level of encryption. It allows you to navigate the internet without third parties intercepting or throttling your traffic and shields your personal data and activity with end-to-end security while browsing the web from any location, on any device. The service is based in United States, however it is a Zero-Logging VPN which means StrongVPN will never track, store, or sell user’s data. Instead, it offers the best security for mobile devices, Mac and PC.

StrongVPN encrypts users’ Internet traffic and masks their online identity by hiding user’s IP address. By connecting to 650+ VPN servers in over 20 countries, you will always stay secure and private when browsing the Internet. Even you are on a public Wi-Fi when you’re in a coffee shop, airport, or hotel, you can enjoy the fastest speeds and the strongest privacy as well. The VPN protects your data such as account login details, financial information, and more by using military grade encryption system.

StrongVPN is also used commonly to bypass content restrictions and censorship. It can change your online location and allow you to enjoy access to websites, videos, and sporting events from outside your region. By connecting to hundreds of remote servers in different worldwide locations, you will be able to access streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer or social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Line and WhatsApp etc no matter where you are. This is especially helpful if you are going for a vacation abroad or live in a highly-restricted country.  When you use StrongVPN, your ISP doesn’t have the freedom to control your connection speed or restrict your access to certain websites or services. There is no bandwidth limit and no ISP throttling.

StrongVPN has 12000+ satisfied customer reviews and thousands of fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ today. It is a highly reliable and very popular VPN provider that uses SSTP, PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN and IPSec protocols to provide VPN services for its customers worldwide. P2P filesharing is tolerated on all StrongVPN servers. Plus, it also includes an internet kill switch and DNS leak protection. Sign up now to enjoy 25% off StrongVPN and get StrongVPN Coupon Code 2018 – Up to 67% OFF Discount. Enjoy the exclusive saving before this deal ends on July 15.

StrongVPN Plans & Special Offer:

Normally StrongVPN offers 2 packages for users to choose from. A month subscription is $10.00, no savings at all. But a one year subscription is $69.99, saving you 42% from its normal price which is generally $120.00 and it totals to $5.83 per month.


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About StrongVPN Payment:

StrongVPN accepts major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, and AliPay. These should cover your payment needs, but those looking for alternate cryptocurrencies or other payment choices may have to opt for other VPN services.

Please note, that StrongVPN only accepts Bitcoin payments via BitPay service. You need one of the following wallets to complete the payment: BitPay Wallet; Copay Wallet; Mycelium Wallet; Airbitz Wallet; Electrum Wallet; Bitcoin Core Wallet.

While a free trial isn’t available, the good news here is that StrongVPN provides a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the service.

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Why Choose StrongVPN?

Simply put, StrongVPN is a virtual private network protects your online freedom and privacy, but that’s not all it does. Here are the reasons why you choose StrongVPN.

#1 – Access to an uncensored and unrestricted internet

You may live in or travel to a place where websites are blocked or unavailable due to government restrictions and censorship. StrongVPN allows you to get around these blocks because you are able to change your IP address. This means that no matter where you’re physically located, you can connect to an IP address in another country where the content you want to access isn’t censored!

#2 – Peace of mind when using public Wi-Fi
StrongVPN is one the best Wi-Fi VPNs. Public Wi-Fi is everywhere and easily accessible. However, the risk of being hacked while using public Wi-Fi without a VPN is at an all-time high. Anyone browsing on the same network as you has the ability to access your private information without your consent. As a resuly, your online identity, banking, and credit card data can be easily accessed and exploited by even a novice hacker. Connecting to a StrongVPN before using public Wi-Fi is the best way to gain peace of mind without losing convenience. Once you’re connected, all of your online traffic will be routed through our encrypted tunnel, ensuring your private information stays that way. Get StrongVPN Coupon Code 2018 – Up to 67% OFF Discount and use StrongVPN to encrypt your online connection and protect your data at public hotspots now!

#3 – Avoid intrusive online advertising
StrongVPN is also a good tool that prevents ads from following you online and keeps your browsing activity safe at the same time. Without a VPN, third-party cookies can track your searches to then target you with advertisements. All your online movements are being tracked with the purpose of profiting from the information that is gathered. But if you connect to StrongVPN server, not only is your traffic encrypted, but your IP address is also shared so you won’t be singled out, and you’ll no longer have to deal with stalking advertisers. Using StrongVPN is a practical way to stop online advertising and enjoy a secure, versatile and smooth online experience.

#4 – Prevent Malware
There are multiple malware that could compromise your privacy when you connect to the internet. Everyday we face new dangers and we are now aware that the safety and anonymity that we once thought that internet could offer, were nothing but an illusion. However, quitting internet for good is not the option given all the advantages that it offers. Besides, technology offers a beacon of hope through an array of applications that can help us to protect our privacy and to improve the security of our online traffic. VPN services are one of the solutions that help internet users to protect themselves from security malware. StrongVPN comes with advanced features and uses military grade encryption system to protect your identity. It is the best way to stay clear of malware as it acts as a firewall protecting you from all forms of cybercrime.

#5 – Put a stop to ISP and government spying
When you’re online and not using a VPN, you enable your Internet Service Provider (ISP), along with government agencies, to view and gather your data. This invasion of privacy can be unsettling when you don’t know how your information is going to be used. StrongVPN provides a fast and easy way to shield your online activity from prying eyes. Once connected, your traffic is encrypted and your browsing remains private.

Try StrongVPN today for as low as $4.37/month and get complete online security.

How StrongVPN Works?

With the decline in online privacy and increasing number of cyber attacks, Internet users feel the need to learn how to protect themselves when going online. Therefore, more and more people discover the benefits of virtual private networks (VPNs). StrongVPN is one of the best VPNs in the market that used to encrypt users’ Internet traffic and mask their online identity by hiding their IP address. It helps Internet users stay secure and private when browsing the Internet.

Here’s how it works:

Typically, when you connect to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) receives the request and redirects you to the website you intend to visit. As your Internet traffic passes through your ISP, they can see everything you do online. What’s more, they can track users’ behavior and sell their personal details to advertisers and other third parties.

Adding a VPN adds a layer of encryption between your computer and your VPN service provider. This means that any communication from your computer through to your VPN service provider is encrypted. As soon as you connect to StrongVPN’s server, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and tunneled to StrongVPN server. Your ISP can no longer monitor, log or control your Internet usage. This way makes nobody can steal your private information or spy on your online activities.

StrongVPN Features:

Every StrongVPN subscription includes high-speed connections to servers in  over 20 countries around the world, free VPN software, and more:


  • User-friendly apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android
  • Allows up to five concurrent connections.
  • No free trial available, but you can take advantage of a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Zero activity or connection logging.
  • Over 650 servers in 20 countries.
  • Support PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, Open VPN and IPSec protocols.
  • Torrenting works fine, and StrongVPN supports P2P on all servers.
  • Unlimited VPN bandwidth and usage.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot protection against hackers and identity theft.
  • Allows for access to video streaming apps like Netflix. Only select servers work though, so that can take some trial and error. Or you could contact customer service.
  • Speaking of customer service, they were incredibly helpful. StrongVPN has now introduced a Live Chat on the website. The response was quick and my question was answered without any hassle. The Live Chat is also available 24/7.
  • Security features like Kill Switch and Scramble are very useful.
  • Accept convenient payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, western union and bitcoin.

StrongVPN Compatibility

StrongVPN is compatible with almost all devices that run on the following platforms:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Mobile, MAC OS, IOS, LINUX, HP Web OS,  Google Chrome OS/ Chromium OS, Bada,Symbian, Sabai OS, TomatoUSB, DD – WRT Router and Mikrotik Routers among others.

Also, if you install StrongVPN on a compatible router then you will be protected behind ANY device connected to the network.

StrongVPN  Support

StrongVPN has one of the best customer supports in the industry. Their customer support is highly impressive. It provides around the clock email ticket for technical queries and offers an Online – support Form. The form has fields which you complete with your name and email address and a short description of the challenges you may be facing. After submission, a highly qualified support staff gets in touch with you promptly. Of course you can contact a staff directly via a live chat. But the live chat has a queue, so you might not get through straight away. Anyway, eventually you will get great advice and everything worked from the best customer support at StrongVPN.


StrongVPN is an ultra-fast VPN that features with over 660 fast servers around the globe, free StrongDNS, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, 30 days money-back guarantee and 24×7 technical support. With its superior performance, StrongVPN is one of the best VPNs in 2018.

StrongVPN has a well-structured and user-friendly website that makes it easy for subscribers to sign up their services and install their client software. With StrongVPN, you can access a vast network of servers in over 20 countries around the world. This means that no matter where you’re physically located, you can access the internet from a list of regions without being blocked or restricted by censorship. You will experience virtually unlimited options for browsing worldwide content anonymously at the fastest connection speeds. In addition, StrongVPN is able to change your IP address, so your online activity can be hidden with the unbeatable encryption and you can always stay anonymous online no matter where you are. As one of the few VPNs in the industry that promises zero-logging, StrongVPN is proud to offer true privacy and anonymity with no strings attached.

Take back control of your right to freedom online with StrongVPN now! Get StrongVPN Coupon Code 2018 – Up to 67% OFF Discount and try it risk-free with 30-day money-back guarantee.