Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus Removal On Android Phone

Android has become the top smartphone operating system and it  holds the largest number of installed-base devices, with 1.9 billion in use in 2014.  Therefore, here come the bad guys who seek ways to hack android devices and rip off innocent users. The amount of malware targeting mobile smartphones and tablets has really accelerated over the last couple of years.

Serious Organised Crime Agency virus, being categorized as Ransomware that can lock a person out of his phone or tablet and then demand £100 Ukash fine to unlock it. If you have received a message on your phone that comes from this kind of agency saying that ‘Your phone has been blocked up for safety reason’, please ignore it and you should realize that the pop up is not real and you had better remove this ransomware from the infected device as quickly as possible.

Serious Organised Crime Agency (UkashVirus) Description:

Serious Organised Crime Agency (as known as SOCA Virus) is a total fraud designed by cyber criminals to extort money from innocent users. Not only can it attack computers, it also works on Android phones and tablets right now. If you see a screen on your Android device saying that the police has locked the phone, then you must know that it is malware but not the real Serious Organised Crime Agency or other similar agencies like PCeU or  Metropolitan British Police that blocked your Internet. This is one of the newest forms of scam that is infecting phones nowadays. The virus is active on LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony now. It combines the use of malware and scamming methods to extract money from Android users.

Once your phone is infected, you will have a  message that blocks you out of your phone saying something like ‘Attention! Your phone has been blocked. You are accused of violating copyright laws.’ The message does not end here. It quotes the laws that you have violated and demands a fine of £100 to be transferred immediately to the UK Police. To more it look real, it even displays your IP address, several agencies logos and your picture taken by the front camera. It scares users because everything seems like that someone is recording you in a far-away place and you are a criminal already.

Actually the message is intended to scare you and it is fake. The only goal for SOCA Virus is to steal money from those inexperienced users. It demands users to pay £100 through a prepaid system called Ukash or Paysafecard. Watch out! Don’t rush to pay anything with this prepaid card because once the transaction is made, it will be difficult for you to trace the money and even get your money back after you found Serious Organised Crime Agency is just a scam. All you have to do is to get rid of the virus and unlock your phone or tablet before it causes more damages.

If you have any questions about SOCA Virus, please feel free to contact YooCare Expert to know more about this malware.

Serious Organised Crime Agency On Phone/Tablet Screenshot:

Thousands of Android users have been hit by what is termed as the “SOCA” malware. After the malware has infected your phone, you cannot access the Internet. All you see is that scary screen that says that you are charged with violating the law like the following picture shows:

Serious Organised Crime Agency
You certainly don’t want Serious Organised Crime Agency virus to ruin your android phone/tablet because this malware can:
Lock up the entire system and forbid users to make a phone call or do anything on the phone.
Download other dodgy apps in the background that could erase all data in your devices including your files, documents, photos, contacts and videos.
Create vulnerabilities in your phone that may collect your information like your browsing history, phone IMEI, contacts information and others.
Scan for banking apps from major financial institutions and upload the results to the attacker’s server.

How Does The Malware Get into My Phone?

The malware can be contained as a link in the spam emails sent by cyber criminals. If you click on such a link from your Android, the virus spreads to your phone and blocks off the Internet immediately. The malware can also be present in legitimate websites that have been hacked by these scammers. It will pretend as a good app like adobe flash player or video player and then trick users to download it.

Can This Malware Really Damage My Phone?

Even if the malware has infected your phone, it won’t really encrypt your data or erase it as it claimed. As long as you do not actually transfer the money to the so-called police, you are safe. This malware blocks your Internet but does not extract the information from your phone. It is just a method to scare you and make you pay up immediately. If you do not pay, the scammers cannot hurt you in any way.

If you are careful in what you access on the Internet, you can protect yourself from the Serious Organised Crime Agency virus. Even if it blocks you, remember never to take the action that the messenger wants you to take.

Steps to Manually Remove SOCA Malware & Unlock The Phone/Tablet:

Step 1: Please try to put the infected android Phone/Tablet into Safe Mode at first to unlock the screen temporarily from Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus

(1). For various android devices (LG, HTC, etc.): hold down the power button to bring out the menu with Power Off and Reboot option—-hold down the Power Off option (If nothing happens, please tap and hold the Reboot option instead)—-click OK on the pop-up box asking if you want to access safe mode

(2). For Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5: power off the device—-turn on and tab the soft-touch Menu button repeatedly

(3). For Samsung Galaxy S3 and other devices with similar customized android system: power off the device—-turn on and hold down the Volume Down button (try Volume Up or Volume Down and Volume Up together if Volume Down does not work) when the brand logo shows up

You will see “Safe mode” at the lower left corner of the screen if you access safe mode successfully

safe mode android

Step 2: Search and remove suspicious apps or files which are related to the Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus

Step 3: Reboot the device to get out of safe mode

Now hackers have spent the past few years figuring out how mobile operating systems like Android work, and how to break into them, and they have successfully distributed Serious Organised Crime Agency virus everywhere on the Internet, therefore the victims of SOCA malware are still rising. It is very important to know how to prevent such malware from attacking the mobile device. The best way to block this virus is not to click on any links on unsolicited emails from any police department, the department of justice, or a law enforcement agency. This malware can only spread if you download or click on malicious links. Bookmark the sites that you visit frequently so that you do not type the wrong URL. Scammers use similar named web addresses to get people to visit their site, thinking it is the authentic one. For example, instead of the legitimate, scammers will use or to plant malware, spread viruses or extract information from people. Last but not the least, you should modify your Android settings and don’t allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store. Once you found your phone has been blocked by Serious Organised Crime Agency virus, don’t hesitate to get it removed from your device.

Tips: The manual removal is complex which needs adequate professional skills. Therefore, only the user who is proficient in tech knowledge is recommended to process the removal manually, because any error will crash your android phone/tablet. If you do not know how to handle the manual removal, please contact the expert from YooCare online technical support for further help.