Remove Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus from Android Phone/Tablet

Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus Blocks Your Phone/Tablet – How to Fix It?

Did your cell phone or tablet get blocked from the Internet suddenly and a message from the Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security appeared saying that you have violated the law? Did the fake police pop-up ask you to pay $300 through Moneypak within 48 hours in order to gain access to your mobile device?  Will you really lose everything in your phone and get those “illegal activities” information sent to your contacts if you don’t pay for the fine?  Watch out! If you are suffering from this issue, you should be aware that malicious ransomware has landed on your phone or tablet. This virus shuts off the Internet access of the user and then uses scamming techniques to extract moeny from the user.  Complaints from its victims are increasing these days:

“Hey I need help, my phone is now locked because of a Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus that is being caused by an app called “porndroid”. Now I have a warning saying that my phone has been blocked due to some sort of violations that I hadn’t done and I had to pay $500. That is nonsense! I looked up this thing and found it was a scam. And also it says this is a virus called Trojan Koler. I cannot believe there is a virus in my android phone?… Anyway, I’ve tried everything I can to start my LG phone to safe mode, but I can’t uninstall this program. If anyone can help that’d be great, help me please! ”

“My phone locked me out this morning saying that I have looked up child porn and other nasty stuff. But I have never done that before. It happened on I was watching movie. Why did it happen? I guess I had supposedly downloaded something I shouldn’t or accidentally clicked any bad things.  Now as long as I power on my phone, a Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus warning will pop up immediately and take over my phone screen. I cannot use the Home button, neither Menu button. I CAN’T LEAVE THE PAGE. It won’t go away unless I pay $300 Greendot Moneypak to it. I don’t have money. What should I do? Is my phone screwed up? I really need my phone and I have lots of contacts information which are very important for me. How do I get rid of the virus and unlock my phone? I am using Samsung Galaxy S5. Any help will be highly appreciated!”

Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus Description:

Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security is categorized as Ransomware that can not only infect computers, but also can destroy users’ smartphones and tablets. It is worth mentioning that this cyber police message is not sent by any legitimate authorities, instead it is a hoax designed by criminals in order to extort money from the innocent users. So don’t be scared when the first time you saw it on your device and don’t rush to pay the ‘ransom’ to unlock your device because it won’t really help to unblock your phone or tablet, but just make you lose your money as a result. Paying a fine of $300 or $500 as ordered by this message is equivalent to sending this amount of money to criminals, and no one would guarantee that the target device can’t be released after the fine is sent. Therefore, manually removing the virus is the only bet that can make you out of troubles and minimize the risk.

Once the virus gets into the phone/tablet, it will decorate as an attractive app called Video Player, Adobe Flash Player or something called porn stuffs to relax users’ vigilance and then trick them into installing.  Once the app is downloaded and installed, then it will be the time for the virus to play its tricks. It shuts off the Internet completely, displaying a screen with the message that reads something like this:

“Your phone has been blocked due to safety concerns. The reasons for the blocking are listed below.

You are accused of viewing/storing and/or dissemination of banned pornography (child pornography/zoophilia/rape etc.) You have violated World Declaration on non-proliferation of child pornography. You are accused of committing the crime envisaged by Article 161 of United States of America criminal law.”

The message has the logo of a police department and the look of an official police department web page to make it look authentic. It also contains information on the article under which you are supposedly being booked followed by the demand of the transfer of the fine of $300. In some variants of the message, you will find that there are names of different law enforcement agencies such as the Australia federal police, the Department of Justice, PCeU and so on depending on the country in which the virus is being spread and the fine amount required can go to $500. For this Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus, it is mainly used to target users located in United States as similar as FBI Virus we mentioned before.

Although Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security message has nothing to do with the police and government or any authorities, that doesn’t mean you can always keep it on your device and do nothing with it. The message won’t go away itself even the stipulated time had passed. You have to do something to unlock your android phone or tablet instead, otherwise the virus can keep ruining the android system and make your device unable to use anymore. Many forums have reported that this fake police warning is caused by Trojan Koler malware so a professional manual removal is required to get your phone/tablet unlocked.

If you have any questions about Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus, please feel free to contact YooCare Expert to know more about this malware.

Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Malware Locked Android Phone Screen:



You certainly don’t want Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus to ruin your android phone/tablet because this malware can:

  • Lock up the entire system and forbid users to make a phone call or do anything on the phone.
  • Download other dodgy apps in the background that could erase all data in your devices including your files, documents, photos, contacts and videos.
  • Create vulnerabilities in your phone that may collect your information like your browsing history, phone IMEI, contacts information and others.

Intimidation: A Scamming Technique

A unique thing about this virus attack is that it uses both scamming techniques and a virus to steal money from unsuspecting people. Scammers are known to use intimidation to get people to transfer money to them. In the Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus scam, scammers are using accessing or storing of illegal content to dupe people into transferring money to them. An Internet user access hundreds of web pages and violation of copyright or law seems like a possibility. FBI virus scammers use this vulnerability.

How would I get this virus on my android phone/tablet?

As we all know that Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and it , therefore it gives a big chance to the viruses developers to play their tricks and earn money from android users. They create many malicious apps target Android and distribute them all over the Internet or even get them bundled with other reliable apps to wait for users to download. Also drive-by-download sites can be another reason for android users to get Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus installed. Those sites contain many potentially malicious app files which can be downloaded on target devices without user’s permission. Once downloaded, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus will start its malicious activities by locking the compromised device and preventing users from using the phone anymore. So conscientious app download and safe browse are always needed when you are on android device.

Protect yourself against the fake Cyber Security virus now!

There are many reasons for a victim to get infection on his/her device. Sometimes if you click on a malicious link, visit a website that has been hacked to spread Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus or open an email with malicious link(s), those could be the possibilities why you got your phone unlocked.

To avoid being a victim, you should avoid clicking on any suspicious links from unsolicited emails, especially those that claim that they are from reputable institutions such as a police department and lead you to click on links. The USA Cyber Security or Police would never block the Internet access on your phone to make you pay a fine. Even though it sounds incredulous, the scammers exploit the vulnerabilities of Internet users coupled with intimidation to scare the user enough so that they do not see how the message is playing them. Before making any transfer of money when you are unsure of the authenticity of the messenger, get help.

How to Unlock Phone/Tablet From Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus?

1. Restart your android phone/tablet to safe mode.
On a Cell Phone, Safe Mode is a mode that allows a phone to load all the default settings and software the phone originally came with. Therefore, third-party app won’t be activated in this mode so virus won’t pop up.

Guides to get to safe mode:

For Samsung Phones:
With the device powered off, press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge) until the Samsung logo appears then release.
With the Samsung on the screen, press and hold the Menu button Menu (located in the lower-left) until safe Mode displays in the lower left then release.
For LG Phones:
With device powered down, press and hold the Power button until the LG logo appears then release.
With the LG logo still on screen, press and hold the Volume down button (located on the left-edge of the device).
Continue to hold Volume down button until ‘Safe mode’ appears in the lower-left of the unlock screen then release.
Note: The process may take up to 45 seconds to complete.
For HTC Phones:
With the phone powered off, press and hold the “Power” button for a couple of seconds to turn the device back on.
When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the “Volume Down” button.
Continue holding the “Volume Down” button until the Android OS is completely loaded.

By following the above guide, users will see “Safe Mode” appears in the lower left-hand corner of the screen on Android phones just like the picture shows:

safe mode android

2. Uninstall the malicious app that brings Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus under Application Manager.

3. Restart your phone or tablet to the normal mode and check if it is unlocked.

4. If you have any trouble locating or uninstalling the virus app or cannot get your device to safe mode, you can contact YooCare Expert Now.

Are you willing to pay a $300 ransom to get your phone information back and unlocked? What if nothing changes even though the payment is sent? If you don’t protect yourself against Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus, you could be the target of this horrible ransomware. You really have violated the U.S. laws due to your online activities? You are accused of watching or distributing pornography (especially child pornography) and prohibited contents on the Internet? Why is your android phone/tablet will still be locked if you never do anything wrong? On the screen, the FBI virus says your IP address has been collected by the police or the government. However, that is a lie! Don’t be tricked by the FBI virus. In reality, the police or government departments will not issue a piece of information on the user’s phone/tablet asking for a fine.

This ransom virus happens quickly and easily. It comes in the form of a malicious link or fake emails from government, even it can pretend as a normal app in order to sneak into your device. At that moment, you may be prompted to click on Allow to install this app, once you did it, Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus screen will pop up immediately taking over your screen. Whenever you’ll try to unlock or use your smartphone, it will display a fake warning saying that you have violated some laws and you need to pay a non-existing fine of $300 in the form of a MoneyPak thing. Apparently this pop up makes the users scared and hopeless because once infected the only button that works to control the phone is the power button. So you cannot do anything with the virus but just power off your phone and throw it to a corner. As long as you power it on, the virus comes back right away and still blocks your phone. It is suggested users remove the virus manually instead of paying for the ransom. Note the payment system it asks for is called Greetdot Money which is really questionable. After payment is sent, you cannot trace your money and know who got your money eventually. Always keep in mind that the real Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security will never lock down your Android phone or tablet or ask a payment via prepaid card. What you are suffering is a stubborn phone virus which has been widely spread in Android devices. Show no mercy by removing it as quickly as you can.

Have you tried everything you can to get rid of Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security virus but it is still there? Cannot uninstall the virus app from Application Manager? Please start a live chat with YooCare Expert now to get this problem solved!