Remove FBI Online Agent Virus from Tablet, Android Phone

Your android tablet or android phone is locked completely by a warning screen in the name of FBI Online Agent requesting you to pay a fine? You do not know why you suffer from this kind of circumstance? Is it a real government statement? Will the android phone or tablet be unlocked if you pay the “fine”? No! There is no doubt that this is a new trick called FBI Online Agent Virus designed by network criminals to defraud you of money. Be cautious when surfing the Internet if you want to stay away from the virus and calm down if your android device is infected. You can check this article to get more information about the fraud and learn how to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from tablet, android phone.

An Overall Description about FBI Online Agent Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

FBI Online Agent Virus is a notorious hoax virus released by cyber criminals to lock android phone or tablet in the government’s name. Through displaying a warning message on the screen, the virus makes itself look so real that many users feel very afraid to see it at first glance. In fact, it is only a ransomware that has nothing to do with any government agency. The purpose of the fake statement is to threaten innocent phone or tablet users and force them to pay a sum of money. There are some other malicious viruses performing the same fraud, such as Cyber Command Virus and United States Courts Virus. Don’t be deceived by those malicious fraud infections.

Usually, the installation of FBI Online Agent Virus can be completed in a short time and then it pops up immediately to lock your android phone or tablet without signs if you visit a phishing site, open a junk e-mail attachment, click on an unknown link or download an application from an unsafe source. Once being locked, your android device will display a dire warning statement saying you have done something illegal. You can see a list of illegal acts including copyright infringement, using unauthorized or prohibited materials and watching child porn videos. Furthermore, the virus is equipped with a camera module to collect and display your photos, which may make you feel more fearful. At the same time, FBI Online Agent Virus also claims that you need to pay a fine within a limited time if you want to unlock your android phone or tablet and avoid any other “legal consequences”. Some users may choose to pay in this case, because they are afraid of being arrested. In fact, the virus still lurks in your device even if you pay the “fine” that can be collected by the cyber criminals. It will show up again to ask you to pay more. Please note that government agencies will send an official statement to those people who break the law instead of locking the phone or tablet frivolously and requesting a fine. Worse still, your private information including e-mail passwords and credit card details will be taken by the virus makers with the help of the virus. Therefore, you must remove FBI Online Agent Virus from tablet, android phone as soon as possible.

Since paying the fake fine does not help you to eliminate the virus, manual removal is the most effective solution. Processing manual removal should have certain technical skills. If you are not sure how to get started and fear of doing anything wrong that results in critical errors damaging the phone, please live chat with YooCare experts.

Dangerous Factors besides Blocking Your Phone/Tablet:

It can disable all the functions of the android phone/tablet such as calling and surfing the Internet.
It can create security vulnerabilities so that other viruses and malicious software can damage your phone/tablet.
It can avoid the detection of legal antivirus programs.
It can play as a remote host for the virus makers to collect your valuable information so that they can obtain illegal interests.

Steps to Manually Remove FBI Online Agent Virus:

Once your android phone or tablet is locked by the scam, you can’t get access to anything on the phone or tablet. The virus warning page is always there when you power on the infected device. The only way to fully unlock device is to remove the virus. It says that you need to pay a fine amounted from $100 to $500 within 48 or 72 hours by MoneyPak, Paysafecard or Ukash to unlock your device and avoid future legal disputes because you break the law. But don’t believe it. If you Google it, you will know that it is a scam virus. The best way to drive the lock screen away is to remove the virus rather than pay the fine as the virus requests. So far, there is no an antivirus app that is able to get rid of it successfully. Users may be at a loss. Please review the following guide to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from tablet, android phone.

Step 1: Please try to put the infected android Phone/Tablet into Safe Mode at first to unlock the screen temporarily

(1). For various android devices (LG, HTC, etc.): hold down the power button to bring out the menu with Power Off and Reboot option—-hold down the Power Off option (If nothing happens, please tap and hold the Reboot option instead)—-click OK on the pop-up box asking if you want to access safe mode

(2). For Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5: power off the device—-turn on and tab the soft-touch Menu button repeatedly

(3). For Samsung Galaxy S3 and other devices with similar customized android system: power off the device—-turn on and hold down the Volume Down button (try Volume Up or Volume Down and Volume Up together if Volume Down does not work) when the brand logo shows up

You will see “Safe mode” at the lower left corner of the screen if you access safe mode successfully

safe mode android

Step 2: Search and remove suspicious apps or files which are related to the virus

Step 3: Reboot the device to get out of safe mode

In short, FBI Online Agent Virus is a rampant practical joke that pretends to be a government agency to fool you. It is able to lock you android phone or tablet completely and show a message saying you have to pay a fine because you have violated some articles of law. Payment must be completed within a limited period of time, otherwise you will be in trouble. But there will not be any change if you pay as the virus released by cyber criminals requests. It is obviously a big scam. Therefore, you need to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from tablet, android phone as early as possible.

Tips to avoid FBI Online Agent Virus

As cyber criminals try to earn money for their bad deeds, they continually look for new ways to get their malicious software installed on your devices. The vast majority of malware on Android is focused on stealing your information, which is obviously a major concern. FBI Online Agent Virus, as a popular malware that has attacked millions of computer users since 2012. Now this virus starts targeting Smartphone users and tablet users who use Android OS. This malware is designed to scare innocent users and then rip off their money. It will pretend as a legitimate warning from FBI and then state deceitful information to trick you into paying something unwanted. It blocks your Internet or your mobile device and then asks for ransom. It is very important to know how to avoid malware like this on a mobile device in case of money loss issue.

First of all, you should download antivirus apps on your device which helps you block malicious apps or links. Stay away from shady website and pornographic web pages because they are always have viruses and malware hidden. In addition, don’t install apps you don’t know what it is or download free apps from third parties website. You should only install it from Google Play or other reputable app stores. It is worth mentioning a thing that before you are installing a game or program on your phone/tablet, you have to read the terms and permissions carefully. Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android allows you to install apps from outside Google Play. So installing apps from outside the device’s app store is easier to get device infected. As long as you follow the tips above, you will be safe from FBI Online Agent Virus attack on your mobile device.
Tips: The manual removal is complex which needs adequate professional skills. Therefore, only the user who is proficient in tech knowledge is recommended to process the removal manually, because any error will crash your android phone/tablet. If you do not know how to handle the manual removal, please contact the expert from YooCare online technical support for further help.