Metropolitan Police Virus Removal on Android Phone

Hi there. My samsung galaxy S5 is not letting me access the internet and asking for £100 in ukash thing. I’ve searched everywhere on the Internet how to unlock this and there are so many metropolitan police viruses on computers but I don’t see any one on a phone. It said my phone has been blocked because I was watching pornographic contents and distributing illegal things. But I have never done anything like that. I just used my phone for watching a video on Youtube and then it locked me out!That is really nonsense. There is also an email address; [email protected] on the page as well as my IP address. Is this a scam? Should I worry about that? And also how do I unlock the phone from Metropolitan Police Virus scam?

Metropolitan Police Virus Hits Android Users – An Overall Description:

Metropolitan Police Virus, as similar as Ukash virusSerious Organised Crime Agency Virus and PCeU virus is an infamous ransomware designed to attack users located in United Kingdom. This is not a newly-released threat; since 2012, the virus has been distributed all over the Internet, and it has been spread from a computer to a phone now. The reason for Metropolitan Police Virus stepped into an Android operating system is due to an increasing number of Android users. Cyber criminals want to scam as many people as possible. This virus blocks Android devices including tablets and smartphones and disconnects the Internet once it is installed. It demands victims to pay a fine of around £100 for allegedly committed a crime browsing banned illegal pornography websites. To further deceive those target users, cyber criminals incorporate a camera recording window within their ransomware. Therefore, on the fake UK Police warning page, you may also see your own picture taken by your front-facing camera as well as your IP address, city and other information. However,  this message is fake; do not pay any fines to unblock your device or you’ll only lose your money and get nothing returned.

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Remove AFP Virus to Unlock Mobile Device (Android Phone, Tablet)

What should I do when my android device screen is locked by a warning message in the name of the Australian Federal Police (AFP for short)? Am I really involved in legal issues? The warning page on the android phone/tablet screen claims that I have violated the law, so the device is locked and I need to pay a fine. I know that this is a scam because I never do what it says. Is there a proper way to deal with it so that I would not be in trouble? What to do to remove AFP Virus to unlock mobile device (android phone, tablet)?

An Overall Description about AFP Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

AFP Virus is a kind of ransomware that is able to attack android mobile device (phone and tablet) in the name of the government so as to defraud users of money. In fact, it has nothing to do with the government. This is a hoax virus created by cyber criminals. The fake warning message points out that the mobile phone/tablet is locked because some illegal activities are detected. You need to pay a certain amount of money as a penalty within a period of time. There is also a countdown to make you feel more nervous. If you can calm down and do some researches online, you will know the thing that locks the device is a rampant Internet infection called AFP Virus. We should avoid visiting suspicious web sites, opening spam email attachments and clicking unknown links. Those cautious online behaviors can help us to keep our phone/tablet clean.
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Serious Organised Crime Agency Virus Removal On Android Phone

Android has become the top smartphone operating system and it  holds the largest number of installed-base devices, with 1.9 billion in use in 2014.  Therefore, here come the bad guys who seek ways to hack android devices and rip off innocent users. The amount of malware targeting mobile smartphones and tablets has really accelerated over the last couple of years.

Serious Organised Crime Agency virus, being categorized as Ransomware that can lock a person out of his phone or tablet and then demand £100 Ukash fine to unlock it. If you have received a message on your phone that comes from this kind of agency saying that ‘Your phone has been blocked up for safety reason’, please ignore it and you should realize that the pop up is not real and you had better remove this ransomware from the infected device as quickly as possible.

Serious Organised Crime Agency (UkashVirus) Description:

Serious Organised Crime Agency (as known as SOCA Virus) is a total fraud designed by cyber criminals to extort money from innocent users. Not only can it attack computers, it also works on Android phones and tablets right now. If you see a screen on your Android device saying that the police has locked the phone, then you must know that it is malware but not the real Serious Organised Crime Agency or other similar agencies like PCeU or  Metropolitan British Police that blocked your Internet. This is one of the newest forms of scam that is infecting phones nowadays. The virus is active on LG, Samsung, HTC and Sony now. It combines the use of malware and scamming methods to extract money from Android users.

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How to Remove Ukash Virus on Android?

Earlier today my phone got a big screen appeared saying I had been looking at child pornography and I have to pay £100 Ukash. I was scared so I turned it off immediately. However, when I turned my phone on, the message popped up right back taking over my phone screen and didn’t go away. It blocked access to my files and applications so I cannot do anything on my phone. I searched online and found that many people had the same problem and this was just a scam. But I am having a hard time removing Ukash Virus from my android because I have no way to access my settings or apps manager to uninstall it. What should I do?

Ukash Virus Starts Attacking Android Device Now:

Ukash Virus is widespread Ransomware that holds its victims’ devices hostage until they pay a ransom. It is a nasty virus discovered in 2013 that pretends to be a warning from the Metropolitan police or other legitimate authorities falsely accusing the victims have violated the laws and then it demands people to pay a fine of £ 100 or more to correct all the violation and unlock their device. This malware has cheated millions of computer users before and right now it starts attacking mobile devices, especially on Android OS which is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system (OS).
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How to Remove ICE Virus to Unlock Android Phone or Tablet?

Your android phone or tablet is locked by the ICE Virus and you cannot perform any task on the phone or tablet? Where does the virus come from? How to remove ICE Virus to unlock android phone or tablet? This article will show you a step-by-step removal guide that can help you to get rid of it completely.

An Overall Description about ICE Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

ICE Virus is a serious infection which is designed by cyber criminals to attack computers originally and now also focuses on android devices. It aims at helping the virus makers to accumulate money in a dirty tactic. This virus makes full use of the system security vulnerabilities to get into your android phone or tablet. To stay away from the ICE Virus, you should avoid downloading free apps from unknown sources, visiting malicious web sites or opening junk e-mail attachments. There are some other harmful viruses performing the same trick to lock your phone or tablet and ask for a fine, such as U.S Cyber Security Virus, NSA Virus and FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus.
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How to Unlock Phone From Cyber Security Virus?

Today while I was using my phone to watch video, a box came up asking me to install an app called Video. It seems like a good application for me so I installed it.  After that my screen flashed and then a mandiant usa cyber security thing popped up that said my phone has been blocked because of child pornography. I don’t even look at porn. I looked online using my laptop and they said it’s a scam. They want me to pay $300 to unlock my phone and I’m not doing that. I can’t use my phone or anything.  I need my phone to call and I cannot afford to lose all the contacts. How do I get this virus removed? 

Cyber Security Virus Blocked Your Android Phone or Tablet? – How to Remove it?

Cyber Security Virus, as known as U.S Cyber Security Virus or Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus, has been categorized as destructive Moneypak Ransomware aiming to attack computer users and Smartphone users in United States. This virus is associated with Trojan Koler that runs high risk for your computer security. Once infected, it locks your phone down as the way it does on a computer, and then it will display a huge alert pretending to be from Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security, FBI, Department of Justice or other similar authorities and saying that your phone has been blocked up for safety reason. It won’t let you do anything on your phone until you pay a ransom of $300 through MoneyPak. To make itself looks authentic, it also displays your IP address, city and several official seals on the top, along with the picture of Obama who is pointing you and accusing you. In reality this pop-up message is not real and has nothing to do with the police or cyber security agency. It only wants to mislead those inexperienced users into spending money on the non-existent fine. The amount of the fine can vary from $100 to $500 in the form of  Moneypak or Moneygram thing. The malware also requires you need to pay it within 24 hours or 48 hours, or it will encrypt or erase all your files on the phone and even tells all your contacts about your illegal activities. However, you shouldn’t do anything about this because it is just a fake warning designed to rip you off. Instead of believing this deceitful warning, remove Cyber Security virus without hesitation!

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NSA Virus Blocked Android Phone or Tablet? Unlock Guide

Your android phone or tablet screen is locked suddenly by a warning page from NSA showing that your illegal behaviors are detected and you need to pay a fine? You do not know why you are accused of illegal online activities? You never do anything wrong as it claims! Will you be involved in a criminal case? In fact, you do not need to worry because it is a hoax. All it says are to defraud you of money. What you should do is to learn how to get rid of NSA Virus from the android phone or tablet.

An Overall Description about NSA Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

NSA Virus which blocks your android phone or tablet can be classified as a malicious ransomware. In today’s modern world, various kinds of electronic devices become the common items in our daily life, most of which are equipped with android system, so the virus targets not only computers but also android phone or tablet now in order to expand the infection scale. More and more scam viruses are created by network criminals with the purpose of accumulating as much money as possible. NSA Virus is the most rampant one. The warning messages of those scam viruses that block the phone or tablet displays some common articles of law in different languages on the basis of the user’s position. US Residents are the main targets of NSA Virus. First of all, it prevents you from accessing anything on the infected device. You do not know where it comes from because it just pops up suddenly when you are surfing the Internet. Secondly, according to the warning, you have violated the articles of law listed below. The most important part is that it wants money from you to unlock the phone or tablet. Inexperienced users will be scared to see such a warning screen.
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FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus Removal on Android Phone or Tablet

The android phone/tablet screen shows a warning from FBI? Are you anxious since you have no way to access anything on the phone/tablet? You know that it is a scam virus and want to solve this problem, but there is nothing you can do with a complete locked device? Do you really need to take the device to a local repair shop to have the virus removed, which is very embarrassing and expensive? What can you do now? You can review the FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus removal on android phone or tablet in this article.

An Overall Description about FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus can be classified as a dirty and dangerous ransomware. It is created by cyber criminals for the purpose of defrauding innocent phone/tablet users of money through embezzling the name of the FBI illegally. As the name of the virus suggests, it mainly targets the residents in the USA, but that does not mean that the virus can only infect the phones/tablets in the USA. Network is developed nowadays, so users from all over the world are possible to encounter this infection. Through making use of the android system vulnerabilities, it has the ability to enter into your phone/tablet easily without letting you know. You should be cautious when surfing online so as to make your android device free from the virus. Usually, FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus is put in some corrupted free apps. A lot of people are willing to download them because “free” is really attractive. When you run the installation after the download is complete, the virus is also installed on your android phone/tablet. There are many victims complaining that the ransomware appears suddenly right after they read an e-mail. In fact, cyber criminals also hide the virus in email attachments or links with attractive contents to cheat you to activate it. In addition, you may get a tip asking you to update something when visiting some hacked web sites. Of course, the phone/tablet will be infected if you click on the tip which is fake.
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FBI Virus Scam Locked My Tablet – How to Unlock?

Hi there. I was just surfing the internet and my tablet randomly downloaded the money pack porn virus and it now has frozen my tablet with the fbi virus screen. It says that all my activity was recorded and all my files are encrypted. It also said something about illegal copyright laws and child porn and I have to pay a 500$ fine within 24 hours or I will have criminal charges placed on me. It looks pretty real, it has the FBI logo and it knows my IP and city. The URL says the FBI website too. Again, it’s telling me to buy a moneypak card, put 500 bucks on it and pay it as a release fine. I’ve never illegally sold any copyrighted items or distribute child porn so none of those reasons they gave me should really be directed at me. Is it real or just a virus pretends as an FBI? I am using a Samsung tablet.  I’d appreciate some help on what to do to unlock my tablet. Thanks in advance.

FBI Virus Scam Can Target on Tablet Now:

FBI Virus, is known as FBI Moneypak Virus or FBI Department of Defense Virus that can not only get into your computer, but also can attack your mobile devices like Smartphone and tablet secretly. This virus has been spread rapidly over the Internet so there are millions of innocent victims get fallen into its hoax and eventually lost their money. Now tablets are rapidly catching up with computers because of the way they enable you to live your life without interruption, rather than around your desk at home or in the office. As tablet users are increasing, the cyber criminals catch every chance to infect innocent users and further steal their money. Therefore, they start distributing FBI virus all over the Internet by hiding it to shady website, bundling with other normal apps or even decorating it as an available service like adobe flash player or video to lure users into downloading it.

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Remove Homeland Security Virus on Android Phone/Tablet

Android phone/Tablet is locked by a screen in the name of Homeland Security asking for a fine? Do not know why and how this happens? Is it a true statement from government? Will the phone/tablet be unlocked if you pay the so-called “fine”? There is no doubt that this is a new scam called Homeland Security Virus which is designed by cyber criminals to defraud of your money. Please be careful when you go online if you want to stay away from the virus and calm down if your android phone/tablet is infected unfortunately. You can review this article for more information about the scam virus.

An Overall Description about Homeland Security Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

Homeland Security Virus is a notorious scam virus that is created by cyber criminals to lock android phone/tablet in the name of the government. The warning message displayed by the virus looks so real that many users feel quite scared to see it at first blush. In fact, it is just a ransomware and not associated with any government agency. The purpose of the cyber criminals who forges the fake statement is to threaten inexperienced phone/tablet users and force them to pay a sum of money. There are some other malicious viruses executing the same swindle, such as FBI Department of Defense Virus and USA Cyber Crime Center Virus. Please do not be cheated by those malicious scam infections.
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