How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy From FBI Virus?

Watch out! FBI Virus Can Infect Android Device Now!

In today’s world, people can do almost anything with their smartphones or tablet devices. And most people still believe that online banking on phones would be safer than on computers because we hardly heard that there is virus on a phone. However, with FBI Virus first landed on android devices, users start realizing smartphones are not safe anymore and it also can be attacked by malware, like computers.  Now android users who are using Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony phone are the main targets of this malware so the complaints from FBI virus victims are on rise.

“My Samsung S3 has been locked by FBI virus. It says I need to pay 500$ within 48 hours through Moneypak or they will send something to all of my contacts, and they took a picture with my camera! I have tried to reboot my phone and all it does is give me a few seconds before it pops back up. Can they really do these things? I don’t know what to do! How do I get rid of this? ”

“Hello, somehow I got the FBI/Moneypack Virus in my phone. It is saying my phone has been blocked up for safety reasons because i was watching child pornography and a bunch of horseshit.  But I have never done that. Anyways, it has locked my phone so I cannot do anything on my phone.  From the locked page, it says the only way I can get it to stop is to pay a $300 fine via Moneypak. Anyways I know this is a scam, brought on by a malicious malware. I’ve tried uninstalling any apps that look suspicious under safe mode. I believe FBI virus may be disguised itself as an Adobe Flash Player app, considering it is the only app on my phone that I can’t uninstall, or force stop. I tried downloading Avast to get rid of this malware, but I cannot open it in safe mode. When I am not in safe mode, my phone is immediately locked by FBI virus, so I cannot open the anti-malware app. Does anybody have any idea on how to get this virus off my phone, and what will happen if I cannot get it off (Will they steal my identity, passwords, really contact people I have in my contacts)?Should I just go to a professional, or would the store I got the phone from be able to do something? I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks in advance.

What happened if your phone/tablet has been blocked by FBI Virus?

FBI Virus usually disguises as an innocent-looking mobile app called Adobe Flash Player, Video Player or others, with a clear aim to trick unwary users to download it on their smartphones or tablets. As soon as you install this fake app, FBI virus will be activated on your android devices immediately, taking over your infected device and won’t let you do anything on it. You will see a stupid screen claiming it is from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and saying that your device has been blocked up for safety reason and you are accused of viewing and storage of forbidden child pornography and zoophilia. To unlock your phone/tablet, you may need to pay $100, $200, $300 or $500 ransom within 48 hours via Moneypak, or it will send your violation information to all your contacts and criminal case will be opened against you. This nasty virus even takes a picture of the victim by using the front-facing camera, so it looks like the real FBI is watching and recording the target users. At that moment, you cannot do anything on the phone. You will not be able to use your home button or menu button, nothing works expect for the power button. Even though you have restarted the phone a million times, the FBI virus still pops back up.  It only leaves a small place to let you input the PIN to unlock your device. Although getting FBI virus on Android device is a pain, paying the fine is not an option to fix the issue and unlock the phone because FBI virus is nothing but a scam designed to extort money from innocent users. Even the payment is sent, you still cannot get an available code to unlock the infected device. What is worse, it will be hard for you to request a refund by using a prepaid card to pay for the fine. To completely unlock phone/tablet from FBI Virus scam, manual removal is needed.

If you have any questions about FBI Virus, please feel free to contact YooCare Expert to know more about this malware.

FBI Malware Locked Android Phone Screen:


You certainly don’t want FBI virus to ruin your android phone/tablet because this malware can:

  • Lock up the entire system and forbid users to make a phone call or do anything on the phone.
  • Download other dodgy apps in the background that could erase all data in your devices including your files, documents, photos, contacts and videos.
  • Create vulnerabilities in your phone that may collect your information like your browsing history, phone IMEI, contacts information and others.

How would I get FBI Virus on my phone/tablet?

No matter which version of the FBI virus you get on your android phone, you should remember that it is not real. You don’t have to pay the “fine” to unlock the phone. All you need to do is taking measures to remove the blackmail virus. Although this type of virus has become very common, there are still many users who are falling in the trick mainly because of its emulational appearance. However, sending the fine to the virus makers will not help you get rid of the virus but will make you get into more troubles in the future. As we all know that Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones and it , therefore it gives a big chance to the viruses developers to play their tricks and earn money from android users. They create many malicious apps target Android and distribute them all over the Internet or even get them bundled with other reliable apps to wait for users to download. Also drive-by-download sites can be another reason for android users to get FBI virus installed. Those sites contain many potentially malicious app files which can be downloaded on target devices without user’s permission. Once downloaded, FBI virus will start its malicious activities by locking the compromised device and preventing users from using the phone anymore. So conscientious app downloading and safe browsing are always needed when you are on android device.

How to avoid FBI virus and keep Android tablet and smartphone safe?

There are a few things you can do to defend yourself against FBI Moneypak Ransomware.

1. Pay attention to app you are trying to install. You should always be judicious about what apps you are going to download and where you download them from. The safest bet is to stick with downloading well-known apps from reputable markets like Google Play in addition to having a security app.

2. Avoid going to phishing website or pornographic sites. There are plenty of viruses contained in these shady website they could get you to enter personal data and/or credit card details.  Users should be away from these sites or their devices will be easy to get infected without awareness.

3. Install an reliable antivirus program. An antivirus program can help you block most suspicious app from installing on your device, it minimizes the risk of being infected with FBI virus.

How to Unlock Phone/Tablet From FBI Moneypak Virus?

1. Restart your android phone/tablet to safe mode.
On a Cell Phone, Safe Mode is a mode that allows a phone to load all the default settings and software the phone originally came with. Therefore, third-party app won’t be activated in this mode so virus won’t pop up.

Guides to get to safe mode:

For Samsung Phones:
With the device powered off, press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge) until the Samsung logo appears then release.
With the Samsung on the screen, press and hold the Menu button Menu (located in the lower-left) until safe Mode displays in the lower left then release.
For LG Phones:
With device powered down, press and hold the Power button until the LG logo appears then release.
With the LG logo still on screen, press and hold the Volume down button (located on the left-edge of the device).
Continue to hold Volume down button until ‘Safe mode’ appears in the lower-left of the unlock screen then release.
Note: The process may take up to 45 seconds to complete.
For HTC Phones:
With the phone powered off, press and hold the “Power” button for a couple of seconds to turn the device back on.
When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the “Volume Down” button.
Continue holding the “Volume Down” button until the Android OS is completely loaded.

By following the above guide, users will see “Safe Mode” appears in the lower left-hand corner of the screen on Android phones just like the picture shows:

safe mode android

2. Uninstall the malicious app that brings FBI virus under Application Manager.

3. If you have any trouble locating or uninstalling the virus app or cannot get your device to safe mode, you can contact YooCare Expert Now.

FBI Virus has been rampant in these years. At first, it is only available on Windows Operating System, then it goes to target Mac OS X, now it starts attacking the Android operating system and makes thousands of smartphone users get scammed. The FBI Moneypak virus looks so real, it displays your IP address, location and even takes a picture of you saying that FBI found that you are blocked for possession of child pornography, and zoophilia. It shows many authorities logos and even cyber police badges on its page to scare inexperienced users. Some variants also have Obama in the upper right hand corner and he’s pointing at the victims. It won’t let the users do anything on their phone unless they pay a fine of $300 Moneypak or more within 48 hours. The 48 hour countdown keeps going and it definitely causes hypertension for victims who get infected by FBI virus. Fortunately, this virus won’t really compromise or delete your data like what it says even if you don’t pay for the fine within 48 hours. However, it is associated with Trojan Reveton that can lead your android device to other issues like fail to boot up etc. To sum up, it is suggested users remove FBI Virus from phone or tablet as quickly as possible to minimize the damage.

Have you tried everything you can to get rid of FBI virus but it is still there? Cannot uninstall the virus app from Application Manager? Please start a live chat with YooCare Expert now to get this problem solved!