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NSA Virus Blocked Android Phone or Tablet? Unlock Guide

Your android phone or tablet screen is locked suddenly by a warning page from NSA showing that your illegal behaviors are detected and you need to pay a fine? You do not know why you are accused of illegal online activities? You never do anything wrong as it claims! Will you be involved in a criminal case? In fact, you do not need to worry because it is a hoax. All it says are to defraud you of money. What you should do is to learn how to get rid of NSA Virus from the android phone or tablet.

An Overall Description about NSA Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

NSA Virus which blocks your android phone or tablet can be classified as a malicious ransomware. In today’s modern world, various kinds of electronic devices become the common items in our daily life, most of which are equipped with android system, so the virus targets not only computers but also android phone or tablet now in order to expand the infection scale. More and more scam viruses are created by network criminals with the purpose of accumulating as much money as possible. NSA Virus is the most rampant one. The warning messages of those scam viruses that block the phone or tablet displays some common articles of law in different languages on the basis of the user’s position. US Residents are the main targets of NSA Virus. First of all, it prevents you from accessing anything on the infected device. You do not know where it comes from because it just pops up suddenly when you are surfing the Internet. Secondly, according to the warning, you have violated the articles of law listed below. The most important part is that it wants money from you to unlock the phone or tablet. Inexperienced users will be scared to see such a warning screen.
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FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus Removal on Android Phone or Tablet

The android phone/tablet screen shows a warning from FBI? Are you anxious since you have no way to access anything on the phone/tablet? You know that it is a scam virus and want to solve this problem, but there is nothing you can do with a complete locked device? Do you really need to take the device to a local repair shop to have the virus removed, which is very embarrassing and expensive? What can you do now? You can review the FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus removal on android phone or tablet in this article.

An Overall Description about FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus can be classified as a dirty and dangerous ransomware. It is created by cyber criminals for the purpose of defrauding innocent phone/tablet users of money through embezzling the name of the FBI illegally. As the name of the virus suggests, it mainly targets the residents in the USA, but that does not mean that the virus can only infect the phones/tablets in the USA. Network is developed nowadays, so users from all over the world are possible to encounter this infection. Through making use of the android system vulnerabilities, it has the ability to enter into your phone/tablet easily without letting you know. You should be cautious when surfing online so as to make your android device free from the virus. Usually, FBI Vanilla Reloadcard Virus is put in some corrupted free apps. A lot of people are willing to download them because “free” is really attractive. When you run the installation after the download is complete, the virus is also installed on your android phone/tablet. There are many victims complaining that the ransomware appears suddenly right after they read an e-mail. In fact, cyber criminals also hide the virus in email attachments or links with attractive contents to cheat you to activate it. In addition, you may get a tip asking you to update something when visiting some hacked web sites. Of course, the phone/tablet will be infected if you click on the tip which is fake.
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FBI Virus Scam Locked My Tablet – How to Unlock?

Hi there. I was just surfing the internet and my tablet randomly downloaded the money pack porn virus and it now has frozen my tablet with the fbi virus screen. It says that all my activity was recorded and all my files are encrypted. It also said something about illegal copyright laws and child porn and I have to pay a 500$ fine within 24 hours or I will have criminal charges placed on me. It looks pretty real, it has the FBI logo and it knows my IP and city. The URL says the FBI website too. Again, it’s telling me to buy a moneypak card, put 500 bucks on it and pay it as a release fine. I’ve never illegally sold any copyrighted items or distribute child porn so none of those reasons they gave me should really be directed at me. Is it real or just a virus pretends as an FBI? I am using a Samsung tablet.  I’d appreciate some help on what to do to unlock my tablet. Thanks in advance.

FBI Virus Scam Can Target on Tablet Now:

FBI Virus, is known as FBI Moneypak Virus or FBI Department of Defense Virus that can not only get into your computer, but also can attack your mobile devices like Smartphone and tablet secretly. This virus has been spread rapidly over the Internet so there are millions of innocent victims get fallen into its hoax and eventually lost their money. Now tablets are rapidly catching up with computers because of the way they enable you to live your life without interruption, rather than around your desk at home or in the office. As tablet users are increasing, the cyber criminals catch every chance to infect innocent users and further steal their money. Therefore, they start distributing FBI virus all over the Internet by hiding it to shady website, bundling with other normal apps or even decorating it as an available service like adobe flash player or video to lure users into downloading it.

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Remove Homeland Security Virus on Android Phone/Tablet

Android phone/Tablet is locked by a screen in the name of Homeland Security asking for a fine? Do not know why and how this happens? Is it a true statement from government? Will the phone/tablet be unlocked if you pay the so-called “fine”? There is no doubt that this is a new scam called Homeland Security Virus which is designed by cyber criminals to defraud of your money. Please be careful when you go online if you want to stay away from the virus and calm down if your android phone/tablet is infected unfortunately. You can review this article for more information about the scam virus.

An Overall Description about Homeland Security Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

Homeland Security Virus is a notorious scam virus that is created by cyber criminals to lock android phone/tablet in the name of the government. The warning message displayed by the virus looks so real that many users feel quite scared to see it at first blush. In fact, it is just a ransomware and not associated with any government agency. The purpose of the cyber criminals who forges the fake statement is to threaten inexperienced phone/tablet users and force them to pay a sum of money. There are some other malicious viruses executing the same swindle, such as FBI Department of Defense Virus and USA Cyber Crime Center Virus. Please do not be cheated by those malicious scam infections.
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Remove USA Cyber Crime Center Virus On Android Phone

Victims of USA Cyber Crime Center Virus Are On Rise

Can you imagine that one day when you power on your Smartphone or tablet, it locks you out and displays a message supposedly from USA Cyber Crime Center telling you that your phone/tablet has been blocked up because it has been involved with the distribution of pornographic material, SPAM and copyrighted content? This is not something ridiculous, instead it’s a true story happened to thousands of Android users in United States now. Fortunately the message is not real at all and it is not really from the USA Cyber Crime Center or any other legitimate authorities. It is a scam designed by cyber criminal to extort money from inexperienced users. So paying a fine of $300 as requested is equal to sending this money to criminals and it won’t help to unlock your device. Considering this is a mobile virus, victims should take immediate measure to get rid of it from the infected devices as quickly as possible.

In the past we still believe Android system is much safer than Windows OS. However, the cyber criminals seize every chance to hack the innocent users no matter they are on phones or on computers, therefore a fresh strain of Android malware has emerged that locks people out of their android phones, and then delivers a fake message from the USA Cyber Crime Center telling them they have broken the law by visiting pornographic websites:

“Last night I got USA Cyber Crime Center virus on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I cannot use my phone anymore. It says I have to pay 300 dollars so i can get back in..I first freaked cause i thought it was real but they are just trying to get money. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I have spent a whole day in searching for the solution but only I can find is the guide on how to get rid of it on a computer.  I have restarted it to safe mode and the virus didn’t pop up. What should I do?”

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How to Remove ICSPA Virus On Android Phone

So I have ICSPA Virus blocked my phone and I am searching for a solution to fix it.  It wont let me get on anything so I cannot go to Settings, Application Manager to uninstall it. It said I had been viewing child pornography and I had committed copyright infringements. I have to pay a fine of $300 via Moneypak in 48 hours or else I would be charged with crime? I am not sure if it is real so I looked it up on google from my lap top and then I found it is a well known virus. Is there an app or something that will get rid of it? please help!

ICSPA Virus Scam on Android Devices Description:

ICSPA Virus, is short for International Cyber Security Protection Alliance Virus, categorized as Ransomware which has become a hot topic in recent years. This virus can attack more than computers now, it also takes over your Android including your phone or tablet with a warning that claims you are under surveillance by federal agents for alleged criminal activity. It use scare tactic to trick unwary users to pay $300-$500 ransom in order to unlock their devices. This threat first appeared on Windows computers and Mac computers in 2013, as Android market is growing up, it is available on Android devices too.

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FBI Prism Virus Locked Android Phone? Unlock Guide

Recently, my android phone is stuck on a screen saying something about FBI Prism. It locks my entire screen and stops me from accessing anything on the phone including making a call. Am I really involved in legal issues as it claims? Will the police come to my house to arrest and investigate me? In fact, the lock screen is from the FBI Prism Virus. It is a hoax malware which is not related to the real FBI. You should clear the virus from the android phone rather than paying the requested “fine”.

An Overall Description about FBI Prism Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

FBI Prism Virus is classified as a malicious ransomware which has been very active recently. According to many android phone users’ experiences, the scam virus has attacked their phone for the past few days. Based on the warning message it displays on the phone screen, we can put it into the same category where the FBI MoneyPak Virus and Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus are listed in. FBI Prism Virus is actually an old trick but with a different name. By accusing phone users of violating certain rules and laws, the virus helps the cyber criminals to gain benefits from those terrified users. That phenomenon can be regarded as a cyber fraud that is quite popular since the day when the FBI MoneyPak virus has been released. Later on, similar viruses with different names and pictures according to areas have been released one after another, one of which is this FBI Prism Virus.
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Remove Interpol Virus Scam on Android Phone

Your android phone is locked by a warning screen saying it is from “Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)”? What is this locked screen and why can it stop you from accessing anything on the phone? Actually, it is a scam virus. According to the contents on the page of the Interpol Virus Scam, you are defined as a law breaker, though you never have those unlawful acts it lists. Will there be a policeman come to you? The only way to unlock the phone and turn the phone back to normal is to pay the fine as it request? No! There is a way to remove Interpol Virus Scam on android phone.

An Overall Description about Interpol Virus Scam on Android Phone/Tablet:

The warning message of the Interpol Virus Scam may seem to be very legitimate, so many phone users feel scared to see it and cannot calm down. No one is willing to face legal issues. But the fact is that it is just a ransomware designed by cyber criminals to collect as much money as possible from android phone users from all over the world. Thus, you do not have to believe what it says. Paying the fake “fine” will not help you to unlock your phone! Then where does the Interpol Virus Scam come from and how can it lock up your android phone suddenly? Is that because you really have done something illegal online? To expand the infection, cyber criminals put it in some free apps, links, web site plug-ins and email attachments and then release them on the Internet. They all look quite common and interesting in order to attract more users to click on or download them into the phone. Therefore, your phone is locked even if you never do anything that violates the law. That is a malicious virus issue. We also should avoid accessing suspicious online resources so as to stay away from the scam infection.
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Department of Justice Virus $300 Fine Removal On Android Phone

Department of Justice Virus (DOJ Virus) Attacks Thousands of Android Users And Asks for $300 Fine!

Department of Justice Virus (as known as DOJ Virus) is a total fraud designed by cyber criminals to extort money from innocent users. Now this virus can attack more than computers. It can also infect Android devices like your Smartphones and tablets. Compared with Apple product like iPad or iPhone which is very restrictive about the software it will allow in the iTunes App Store, Android is an open operating system. That means anyone can create an app and put it out there for people to load. So it gives Android users more choices on where they get their apps, but on the other hand, it also gives criminals an opportunity to infect more and more Android users.

Department of Justice Virus $300 Scam Description:

Department of Justice Virus (also called DOJ Virus) is a malicious malware that performs the same evil activities on your computer or android device like Mandiant U.S.A. Cyber Security Virus or FBI Virus. Instead of stealing your personal information, criminals are holding it hostage. It locks your smartphone or tablet and you can’t get it back until you pay a non-existent ransom.

“I was viewing a YouTube video on my phone, and then suddenly a pop up came up asking me to install Adobe Flash Player, so I allowed it. But after 5 seconds another screen with the headline “The United States Department of Justice” appeared and it locked me out of my Samsung S5 now. That is crazy! It stated that I had been viewing child pornography and I had committed copyright infringements and in order to get my phone unlocked, I have to pay a fine of $300 via Moneypak in 48 hours or else I would be charged with crime. Of course my first reaction was intense fear and thought it was better to pay. But after I searched more about this situation and it figured that DOJ is a scam. Fortunately I didn’t pay for it but I cannot use my phone at all because of the fake DOJ virus page. It seems the virus disabled all the function buttons on my phone. I tried to press the menu button, power button a million times but it just didn’t go away. So how to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S5 from Department of Justice Virus?”
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Remove New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus on Android Phone

Do you feel scared when you see a police warning in the android phone? What happens? Why is the phone screen locked suddenly? The lock screen entitled New Zealand E-Crime Lab says you have violated laws and you will be in trouble unless you pay a fine to unlock the phone? Some experienced phone users are pretty sure that it is a scam virus because they never do anything it shows on the warning message. How to remove New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus on android phone?

An Overall Description about the Scam Virus on Android Phone/Tablet:

New Zealand E-Crime Lab Virus is a huge and common network fraud in these days that is similar to the PCeU Virus and FBI Cybercrime Division Virus. With the government’s symbol on the top of and some specific reasons related to particular laws and regulations why your phone is locked in the middle of the warning page, this virus certainly has frightened many users. If you happen to be familiar with some other online fraud viruses, you surely know it is has nothing to do with the government. In fact, it is an old trick with the purpose of threatening phone users and forcing them to pay a sum of money. If your android phone is locked by the scam virus by any chance, Please do not get panic. You just need to do some researches online or chat with tech experts, then you know it is indeed a virus! Legitimate government organizations won’t make this kind of behavior. What you need to worry about is how to get rid of the annoying ransomware.
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